A New Approach to Education

“Hitte-På” is a new project which purpose is to present a new teaching method that enables students to learn to read and write meaningful context through creativity and innovation with the aid of our mobile storage trolley. 

The manufacturing capabilities of the students were tested before and after the course and the results are significant. Firstly, the evaluation evinced that the innovative and manufacturing capabilities of the students who joined the project evolved significantly better. Moreover, the project did not affect their skills in other writing parameters. Finally, it also has great value for students when they read and write with a certain purpose – to document, develop or present their ideas. 

Professor Jeppe Bundsgaard, who completed two proficiency tests before and after the course, is amazed at the results and commented: "To the best of my knowledge, this is the biggest test of its kind. We have scored in traditional parameters e.g. spelling development and the lengths of text. In addition, we have looked at variation in both words and syntax, the use of verbs, subordinate clauses and the interaction between the aforementioned. Moreover, we have looked at conditions such as the originality of ideas and the analytical sense of the students. Compared to the writing test for primary school, we have scored way higher than expected".

Innovationsvognen is designed by Janus Madsen.

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