Seemless integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate various technologies such as; interactive whiteboards, LCD Touch screens, interactive projectors and others into more traditional writing and display surfaces! The unique modularity offers users timeless, minimalistic styling, advanced functionality and the flexibility to enhance any future-oriented learning environment.

i3MOMENTUM consists of three distinct layers, all supporting visual communication and technology integration. Layer zero is an aluminum frame which acts as the foundation of the entire system and mounts directly to the wall supporting all of the i3MOMENTUM components. Layer one supports the modular boards, panels and cabinets. The modular sizes can be freely combined and rearranged for a variety of uses. Layer two hanging boards and panels feature a specially engineered wheel system that allows the boards to glide across the top rail smoothly and quietly to reveal or conceal information and technology components as needed.

i3MOMENTUM rail system accommodates up to 3 levels of display surfaces and can be rearranged for every occasion, at any time. Aluminum extrusions combine good looks, strength, low weight and a low environmental impact.



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Whether you instruct a whole class from a lectern, wish to enable group work or integrate tablets in a 1:1 environment, the Opti+ Cabinets have you covered. Easy-to-use multifunctional storage never looked this good! The Opti+ Cabinets are all built around simplicity and day-to-day user friendliness.

• Static whiteboard/chalkboard and bulletin/tack board surfaces
• Modular and Lightweight mobile, sliding writing boards
• Advanced wire management capabilities facilitate the integration of interactive white boards, projectors, LCD touch screens and is great for retrofit applications
• Modular, rail mounted storage cabinets conceal technology components
and provide easy access to learning tools. (security options available) The package is completed by exclusive styling details such as uncoated aluminum micro bezels, black or red ceramic steel markerboards, brushed aluminum pin- and magnetic boards, technology or storage cabinets in a variety of colors and the possibility to hide unwanted components out of sight with a modesty panel,...

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i3MOMENTUM is a new wall-based rail system that accommodates up to 3 levels of display surfaces to support a variety of teaching and learning styles.

i3MOMENTUM provides design flexibility, transforming the already dynamic board solution into an architectural element by offering a breadth of surface materials and customizable components.

• Whiteboards available in white, red or black enamel finishes
• Thin profile frames minimize visual distraction to create a timeless aesthetic
• Fabric acoustic and self-healing tack panels come in a variety of textures and colors as well as COM options
• Our design specialists would be happy to help you visualize your optimal solution with full color renderings

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i3MOMENTUM is engineered to integrate technology
seamlessly in a variety of ways:

• Top rail is designed to act as a wire management channel concealing technology clutter
• Level 0 boards float 1/2" off the wall surface to provide more opportunities for wire management
• Storage cabinets come standard with pre-drilled wire management holes and act as the perfect place to house speakers, and CPUs.
• Supports new technologies such as; interactive whiteboards,
digital LCD touch screens, Interactive projectors and whiteboards and SWEEZZ
• The modular frameworks is ideal for retrofit applications by working with pre-existing technology solutions to fit around interactive whiteboards, digital monitors to create one highly integrated wall solution.
• Does not embed technology, meaning that i3MOMENTUM adapts to whatever technology users select in the future.

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Focused on the details… increasing functionality by creating an intuitive and safe solution

• i3MOMENTUM rails are highly engineered to support the three levels of board displays and are made from an extruded aluminum to encourage recylcability at then end of the product's life cycle.
• Honeycomb extrusions ensure strength and durability while reducing the weight of the mobile hanging boards. Specialized rubber wheels provide a whisper quiet glide while the integrated bumpers reduce noise upon impact with other Level 2 components.
• All frame edges are ergonomically contoured to reduce sharp edges during reconfigurations and when users are moving boards on any level.
• Level one boards can quickly become level two boards with the addition of the level 2 bracket and vice versa increasing flexibility.
• High quality whiteboard enamel is 99.9 % recyclable and provides users with a lifetime warranty. Low gloss whiteboard surfaces can double as projection surfaces.
• Safety tested accordingly to EN 14474


Sliding bracket
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Level 2 bracket attachments allow you to convert any writing/display board into a sliding board unit. It has been engineered to be extremely durable tomaintain alignment, regardless of the size and weight of the component.

Sliding Element
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Each Level 2 bracket has dual wheels for maximum stability and effortless movement.
The rubber protected wheels and sound absorbing bumper, ensures a silent smooth glide across the unit and reduces noise when boards on the same level bump together. i3MOMENTUM wall profiles can be interconnected to build tracks as long as needed to fit any size space.

Wire management
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i3MOMENTUM wall-rail allows for concealed, safe wire management of all technology components. Wires can be arranged within the rail at three different levels: on top, inside or underneath the top track, allowing a optimal solution for every occasion. Aluminum cap securely locks wires into the rail and maintains a clean, clutter free look.

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Edge profiles are extremely slim: visually less than 5mm wide, they add style and class to the system and maximize the visible surface. The board profiles extend behind the panels and add strength and stability to the panels. A hanging bracket is integrated into the horizontal profile, so it becomes indifferent which way goes up or down.

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A wide tray is an integrated part of the wall frame and provides ample room for writing tools and erasers, this also act as as a safety device for the sliding unit: components will not fall off when bumped by students or teachers.
High quality plastics and discretely rounded corners add extra safety.

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The cabinets are designed to house additional equipment like speakers, CPU`s or other technology and teaching accessories. Cabinets have and open shelving and closed cupboard style section with wire management capabilities.

Hoe ziet de schoolinrichting van morgen er volgens u uit?


Download hier vectoriële 2D/3D-files voor inrichtingen van leeromgevingen. Hiermee kunnen architecten een schoolinrichting nog sneller en nog nauwkeuriger visualiseren.

Technische Fiches

Voor meer informatie over de verschillende mogelijkheden in materialen en kleuren, vraag ons een technische fiche van het product waar u interesse voor heeft of neem contact met ons op!