Writing board Type Opal

Writing board Opal

The board has a white surface made of steel enamel, suitable for use with magnets and writing with whiteboard markers.

Opal whiteboard Opal writing board Opal board systems

Materials and dimensions(mm)*:
The Opal whiteboard is available in different heights and widths. Can be equipped with a pen tray.

908x608 mm
608x908 mm
1208x908 mm
908x1208 mm
1208x1000 mm
1208x1208 mm
1208x1500 mm
1208x2000 mm
1208x2500 mm
1208x3000 mm
1208x3500 mm

All boards in the production of VANERUM manufacturing are 100% Eco-friendly and ensure life long use!

Opal wallboards:
Opal is a series of exclusive whiteboards with a narrow frame made of anodized aluminium. The board is equipped with hidden fixings which allow a concealed installation of the board. The writing board seems to be floating on the wall which makes the board ideal for every learning or work environment.


Sweezz mounting system
Move the schoolboard up, down, left and right. Thanks to the Sweezz system you can divide the class into several groups. The board can be sweezzed towards the instruction group for specific explanations and collaboration.The large electric height adjustment allows the teacher to use the entire board and even small children to work at the board.

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sweezz mount

HAWM (Height adjustable Wallmount) system
Move the interactive whiteboard system up or down by 20" (50 cm). It's easy - you can even make the height adjustment using just one hand. The interactive whiteboard can be lowered to enable young students to reach it and raisedfor teachers or taller students. The wall mount is simple to install and locks at its highest point so students at the back of the class can see.

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Height adjustable system

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