A proven design combined with a neat design.
To guarantee the safety of the users as well as a better respect for our environment, the LEAF internal display cases with swing door are certified to NF Education, NF Collectivité and NF Environnement. Unique and sturdy, the frame features rounded corners with a cap decorated with an elegant leaf-shaped cut-out pattern that is available in 5 colours to match the colours of your logo or decoration.
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SAFE FOR USERS: NF Education, NF Collectivité et NF Environnement certifications.
CUSTOMIZABLE: To match your shop window to your logo or decoration, the corners are delivered in 5 different sets of colours (grey RAL7042, red RAL3020, blue RAL5015, yellow RAL1018 and green RAL6018).
EASY ACCESS: The hinged door makes it easy to access content for updating. The door can be installed on the right or left. Surface in magnetic steel for displaying with magnets or in cork to pin your memos.
INACCESSIBLE WALL MOUNTING: After locking the door.
SIDEBY-SIDE MOUNTING: Equipped with front locks, the display cases can be placed side by side in order to have maximum display capacity.
IDENTICAL OR DIFFERENT LOCKS: On request and within the limit of 10.
OPTIONAL STAND: To be chosen mobile or fixed on cylinders to install your display case where you like.
SECURITY GLASS OR POLYACRYLATE DOOR: More transparent and difficult to scratch, 4 mm safety glass offers greater resistance to impacts and thermal shocks and the advantage, in the event of breakage, of breaking into small pieces to prevent accidents. Polyacrylate is lightweight and highly resistant to impact.
Surface in magnetic steel or in 1 mm agglomerated cork. Usable internal depth: 20 mm.
Swing door made from tempered safety glass (4 mm) or polyacrylate (3 mm).
Locking by a front lock, delivered with 2 keys.
Frame made from natural anodised aluminium. Heavy-duty corners and caps made of methacrylate.
Notice de montage.
Optional stand with casters for indoor use or on cylinders.
Other colors for lacquering frame profiles on request.

2 years

The product is certified to NF Education, NF Collectivité and NF Environnement.
Display case with cork surface certified to PEFC.
The product is manufactured in a French factory which is certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.
M0 fire rating of display cases with steel surface and glass door.